Focus—Portrait of a Runner

Photography by Weston Colton

Description: This was a concept that we concepted and directed for Vivint Solar to be used as a visual representation of the beauty that can happen when we work in harmony with the planet.

Sometimes while shooting, I think you can be so overwhelmed and distracted by not only what you see with your eyes but also by what you hear and smell and taste, that it’s hard to actually know how to capture what’s in front of you. Yet there are other times when the complete opposite is true and everything you sense seems to just ease itself into an image. I think a lot of it has to do with you’re intentions, and who you have around you. This was an interesting project because we came into it relatively unscripted and without any real burdening expectations. I think that, coupled with just being with good friends, lent to some good karma. We landed in San Francisco and spent the next 3 days driving north and shooting what we saw along the way.

Director—Sean Slobodan

DP—Sean Slobodan and MP Cunningham

Editor—Sean Slobodan  and MP Cunningham

Still Photography—Weston Colton

Graphic Design—Davis Ngraupe

Runner / Voice—Grant Davis

Music—Micah Anderson