Berrics From Above

A collaboration with our good friends at the Berrics. Colin Kennedy missed date-night with his wife in order to help us finish this out so we owe him big, and we owe his wife a massive apology.

“New tech and camera gear are becoming more available to filmmakers all the time, but for the most part, I like to try and make sure the content I’m shooting remains the focus rather than just shooting something because I’ve got access to a certain piece of gear. Basing a project around an idea is always better than basing it on some type of cool equipment. But sometimes I think you also want to try new things in a controlled environment to see if they fit the content you’re shooting. This was the case here. I’d connected with the guys at High Sight Camera on a shoot a while back and had been looking for a time to test out their rig with skateboarding. Figured the Berrics would be the perfect place. So here we are. Not trying to blow anyone’s mind, just offering a slightly different perspective on a space that we’ve already seen in many different ways. And possibly help add another arrow in the quiver for filmmaking in skateboarding.”

~ Sean Slobodan


Shot on RED using the Highsight Camera system

Skaters – Steve Corona, Micky Papa, Timmy Johnson, Erik Arteaga, and Thalente Bayela.